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xx coin sale coming your way! No external advertisements, this sale is for the community–for everyone who has stuck with xx from BetaNet launch to 41 billion messages processed. Dates & details are coming, so keep an eye on email, social or wherever you stay connected with xx.


Important Events


Wednesday, December 9th

Webinar Kickoff with First Test: Scalability Demo!

xx consensus ran initially on 200 nodes, then network size increased to 400, 600, 800 and finally 1000 nodes. Unlike with legacy blockchains, performance (TPS and time to finality) did not drop as network size increased, demonstrating that xx consensus can support a worldwide network of thousands of nodes without sacrificing performance. The demo ended with 1000 nodes processing 3000 TPS with a TTF of under 4 seconds.

Friday, December 11

Integration TestNet Launch:  Network Stability Testing

This will be the longest running public demo of xx consensus to date with Praxxis software expected to process hundreds of millions of transactions demonstrating network stability over a seven-day duration. You can learn more here.

Monday, December 14

LIVE Integration TestNet Webinar: Scalability Results and Network Stability

Hosted by Founder David Chaum, Chief Engineer Ben Wenger and the Elixxir team and CTO Will Carter and the Praxxis team.  The configurations and goals of the Integration TestNet and stability testing will be explained as well as max TPS testing.  The team will also review the results of the Scalability Demo in more detail. You can watch on YouTube Live on Monday, December 14th at 2 PM UTC.

Wednesday, December 16

LIVE Integration TestNet Webinar: Real World Use: Develop on xx

How can you access xx? What does the platform offer to developers?  What are dApp examples?

Get the details on developing on xx including the Beta development kit and learn about projects already in development, from smart contracts to a next gen defi marketplace to fake news fact checker. Also, we’ll share an update briefing on xx messenger.  You can watch on YouTube Live on Wednesday, December 16 at 2 PM UTC.

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