Attention Developers: Elixxir is Ready for You

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The Elixxir team is excited to announce our Early Access Developer Program and the ArrowSDK software development kit. Through this program, we will be offering third-party developers like you an early opportunity to build on the AlphaNet Elixxir protocol. You can submit a proposal for the early access developer program by clicking here.

The Elixxir AlphaNet is the first public demonstration of the cMix protocol, which represents a big leap forward in privacy-protected communications. These days it seems like every messaging platform is bragging about how secure they are, but most of the time they are talking about encrypting the contents of your messages. What are they leaving out? Your metadata. Metadata consists of the “who, what, where, when, and how” details, the digital footprints you make as you go about your day. By using the cMix protocol, Elixxir obscures your users’ metadata, so they leave no footprints.

The cMix protocol is a mixnet for anonymous, metadata-protected communications, designed to combine speed, privacy, security, and scale. As a mixnet, the AlphaNet uses mixnodes to obscure metadata. The mixnodes work in teams to receive batches of encrypted messages, randomly permute or “mix” them, and then send them forward. Traditional mixnets use public key encryption that can be very time-consuming, but cMix solves this problem by using precomputation, which allows mixnodes to do all of the cryptography work before the real-time phase of handling messages between senders and recipients.

When we launch later this summer, Elixxir’s AlphaNet will run on a single team of eight partner nodes, as seen in the diagram below. In addition to the developer program, the AlphaNet will support testing of metadata-resistant messaging and transactions through the xx collective app. The AlphaNet is an important milestone for Elixxir, and we have worked to make the ArrowSDK and APIs a core component of the protocol.

The ArrowSDK allows developers to make apps that leverage the Elixxir Platform’s security and privacy through a clean, easy-to-use API. The ArrowSDK handles sending and receiving messages through a set of Gateways, ensuring every aspect of private messaging–from registration, to end-to-end encryption, to message reception–is secure and accessible to developers.

The ArrowSDK is client-side code, written in Golang, which allows a developer to securely, seamlessly, and easily access the network from a wide variety of languages and platforms.

Ready to be a part of Elixxir’s Early Access Developer Program? Click here to learn more and get started. Elixxir will accept proposals on a rolling basis, with developer access opening with the AlphaNet release this summer. We are excited to make these tools available and see what you build!

-The Elixxir Team

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