Introduction to xx messenger

The way we communicate with each other has gone through monumental changes throughout the existence of humankind. What must have started off as gestures and wordless vocalizations, like those used by our close cousins the chimps and bonobos, slowly but surely evolved into language. Language, in time, allowed the development of more and more sophisticated means of communication. expressing emotions and transferring knowledge.

We went most likely from chants to cave paintings accompanied by simple symbols, to writing on tablets and then scrolls and sending messages by pony riders or pigeons, to finally creating postal services. Books filled elite libraries and then spread into the middle classes via printing with movable type. At the same time, many people wanted or needed to keep the content of their communications private, whether for personal, commercial, political, or military reasons. 

The history of codes and encryption begins probably before the alphabet and grows with the generalization of writing, which has been described as the most powerful technology humans have ever developed. All this time we humans have striven to communicate something to someone, regardless of whether they were a few measly feet away or on the other side of the globe. And many of us have also worked to keep the content of some communications hidden from all but the intended recipient.

With the dawn of the digital age, everything changed. Owed to the advancement of technology and the introduction of newer and newer tools, communication became faster, easier and generally more efficient. The invention of the internet and the subsequent development of digital communication protocols, seminally the SMS (short message service) in 1992, marked a paradigm shift in messaging and was quickly followed up by the introduction of other more eye-pleasing software such as ICQ, Skype and ultimately the plethora of messenger apps we now use on a daily basis.

However, this technological enablement came at a cost. A cost we just recently began to realize was there from the get-go. You see, communication hasn’t quite always been truly between you and me. There have always been eavesdroppers of some kind. Especially in the past few decades, the era of ‘Web2’, have their existence and actions come under the increasingly privacy-conscious general population.

Abuses of personal data are ubiquitous these days. Whether for ad optimization, simple data mining, profiling or even more sinister reasons, our data is constantly being exploited by companies, individuals and often by the very institutions we’ve created to provide us with protection against such exploits.

As we enter a new decentralized internet, what is commonly referred to as ‘Web3’, the above ethos is bound to change. And it must change, for your communication with others must be sacred, secure and truly yours. 

xx, the decentralized messenger giving you true digital freedom and peace of mind 

The brainchild of David Chaum and built on a foundation of over 30 years of cryptographic work, xx messenger is bound to revolutionize the way we communicate on the internet. Designed to realize the dream of digital freedom, xx messenger is truly secure, scalable and with end-to-end quantum security complementing the fully encrypted messaging layer.

👨‍💻 So who is David Chaum and what’s his story? 

Dubbed the ‘Godfather of Cryptocurrency’, David Chaum is an internationally renowned computer scientist, privacy advocate and nothing short of a living legend in the cryptography world and the blockchain space. Widely recognized as the inventor of digital cash, David has been at the forefront of cryptography for over three decades and is responsible for a number of fundamental innovations relating to privacy technology and secure election systems. 

One of David’s most notable contributions to the industry is the creation of cryptography to support digital blind signatures, which is a feature used in a plethora of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Using digital blind signatures, a user can generate and cryptographically conceal a message so that it can be modified (“signed”) in some desired way without the modifier learning enough to identify it later, and then unblinded by the user.

Further building on digital blind signatures, David also invented ‘Mix Network Technology’ (mixnets), which subsequently led to the implementation of onion routing-based platforms such as the widely used and popular anonymity network Tor. Mixnets effectively allow messages to be sent between nodes in a network in such a way that information about sender and receiver is destroyed en route, making messages untraceable except at the sender’s discretion. It is worth noting that onion-routing is far less private than mix nets and that the technology has come a long way since its first iteration – contemporary mixnets possess a significantly higher degree of ‘anonymity protection’. 

And yes, we did say the inventor of digital cash! As early as 1989, David conceptualized and created electronic money, at the time bearing the name of DigiCash. While groundbreaking and, as we have now seen firsthand during the last decade, a logical development in the future of money, DigiCash ultimately did not live to see the coming of the 21st century due to missing crucial internet structures to adequately support e-commerce en masse. In other words, it was simply too early. On the flipside, DigiCash inspired a wave of innovators to continue building atop David’s vision, which eventually led to the ongoing cryptocurrency Renaissance we are in today.

📝 Why use xx messenger?

We firmly believe that secure and protected communication should be a human right. That also extends to the realm of the digital, where the abuse of personal data has been more prevalent. First and foremost, xx messenger was built with that idea in mind and to alleviate you from the worries of who might be using your data to their advantage. To realize that vision and build a world where your life belongs to you, xx messenger comes with the following features:

🔒 True privacy

By using xx messenger, you can rest assured that your communication always is and remains yours. The technological back end of the underlying layer 1 (in other words, the technology on which xx messenger is built), features metadata shredding, an innovation developed by the godfather of cryptocurrency, David Chaum. Metadata shredding is a proprietary, xx-native technology that prevents messages from being linked or decrypted, making xx messenger truly private. We call this technology cMix and have developed this next-generation mixnet entirely in-house.

⚙️ End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is a technology that provides secure and private messaging and means that only sender and receiver are able to read the contents of their message. And while cMix protects your metadata, that is the who, what, when and where of your comms,  E2EE acts as an additional layer of protection against third parties. In reality, this translates into the content of your messages also being safeguarded vis-a-vis cMix nodes, their internet service providers, cell phone companies, telecommunications devices and other possible adjacent malicious actors.

📈 Scalability

cMix, the technology behind xx messenger, is optimized for scalability, meaning messages are sent and delivered in rapid fashion. This has proven to be a major pitfall of other cryptography-based solutions and to ensure this feature is tried and true once the product is live. Prior to launch our team conducted an array of tests to specifically address the imminent use of xx messenger by an increasing number of people. 

The performance of other currently available options for networks offering a similar degree of protection is, least to say, limited, which in turn diminishes their viability when it comes to achieving massive commercial scale. Such is also the case for Tor, the most widely-known and used anonymous communications network. Tor, while not offering optimal anonymity in the first place, lacks the capacity to operate under heavy load. Mixnets, on the other hand, and cMix more specifically provide just that, plus enhanced security. The best of both worlds.

🔮 End-to-end quantum resistance

Quantum computing is a serious threat to largely all internet networks (including blockchains) and it can materialize any time. In short, quantum computers possess the ability to carry out a hack against almost any network by effectively overpowering its defense lines with superior computational power.

On top of the standard end-to-end encryption, xx messenger is the only messaging solution on the market that is able to withstand the imminent danger of quantum computing. This means that by using xx messenger, your communication and data is protected against quantum computing in perpetuity. 

How do we do that? Well, it’s our secret sauce. Hmm, perhaps we could actually tell you a little bit about it – we use a key exchange algorithm using post-quantum cryptography (SIDH) in combination with a known-secure regular key exchange algorithm (DH). In practice, this means an attacker must break both in order to hack the system. 

⛓️ Full decentralization

Messages sent on xx messenger travel through at least five randomly-chosen processing nodes from a pool of more than 340 total nodes, located all around the globe. This network, distributed as a blockchain, operates on highly transparent software by nodes that are independent of each other and are located in more than 80 countries worldwide. This feature makes it impossible for ill-intentioned actors, as well as governments, to insert spyware or reveal network data.

📱 And the best thing about xx messenger? You can now start using it!

Introducing the xx messenger. Available on iOS and Android.

Welcome to the xx messenger launch week. Starting today, you can choose the right messenger and get your digital freedom back. And we are actually quite certain that you’ll never look back. The app is available for download on iOS and Android.

In the upcoming days, we will be releasing a series of similar educational content to give you all you need to know about xx messenger as well as what we are planning to roll out throughout the year. 

It is important to note that xx messenger is only the beginning of a wider vision of a privacy-focused decentralized applications ecosystem meant to revolutionize the concept of privacy and security in the Web3 age. More to follow on that front very soon!

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