xx messenger: The First 60 Days

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Can you believe it? It’s been just over 60 days since we launched the world’s most secure and truly private messaging app. 

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Looking for reasons to use xx messenger? We got at least a few here.

A lot has happened since the February xx messenger launch and we’ve been absolutely blown away by all the positive reception from all around the world. Naturally, as is the case with new apps, there have also been a few minor bumps in the road as our tech continuously responded to bug reports and promptly delivered to make your experience worthwhile.

Generally, we are seeing steady growth across the board and new users are flocking in on the daily, demonstrating a growing public appetite for privacy-centric alternatives to traditional messaging apps.

Anyhow, let’s recap it all!

Users 📈

For what is now 60 days since launch, xx messenger has been downloaded over 25,000 times on Android and iOS, with Android downloads exceeding those on iOS. Actually, this is a rather interesting statistic as the general conception is that iPhone users tend to lean on the more privacy-centric side of the spectrum. Who would have thought?

In terms of user demographics, the U.S. continues to lead the way in adoption, closely followed by Germany, Argentina, Canada, Turkey, Spain, Netherlands and an increasing number of users coming in from Russia. Downloads from Southern and Southeast Asian countries are also on the rise as the word continues to spread all around. 

If you have already downloaded the app, tweet at our official account (@xx_network) and let us know where you are using the messenger from! Make sure to also use the #xxmessenger so we can more easily find your tweet! 

Don’t have the app yet? Download it via the links below: 

Apple: links.xx.network/appstore 

Android: /links.xx.network/playstore

What’s new 🧐

Here is a list of the majority of what’s been added to the messenger since launch, together with some more notable bug fixes:

  • You can now resend a friend request in case a previous one was stuck without a response
  • Chinese keyboard support has been added
  • Overall app speed has been boosted ~2x 
  • The app now allows QR code scanning from both rear- and front-facing cameras (front facing cameras were previously unable to scan QR codes)
  • Fixed a bug where displaying a user with initials containing unusual characters caused the app to crash
  • Audio player crashes on Android should no longer occur
  • Fixed a bug where a swipe gesture would allow replies to an undelivered message
  • Fixed a bug causing in-app notifications for requests that were already handled
  • Improvements on network status snack on chat list
  • Overall bug fixes and stability improvements

Your feedback is absolutely essential for us so do keep it coming! To report bugs, click here and we’ll fix it right up. Want to talk to our dev team directly and submit any other feedback? Hop onto the xx Discord or get in touch via our Contact Form. Twitter DMs are open, too.

What’s coming shortly in the next app update 🔮

Just a while back, we published the longer list of features coming to xx messenger, outlining what you can expect to see live on the app by the end of the year. With the code to xx messenger now being open source (devs are more than welcome to take a look!), the next app update will bring you:

  • The account backup feature, enabling you to restore your account on any device using your favorite cloud storage of choice

  • A number of UX/UI tweaks that will make the app feel brand new and significantly improve the user experience

Expect that update to roll out in the next few weeks, after which we will be directing our focus towards the rest of the features from the above list, such as the improvement of the xx messenger Group Chats feature, native GIF support, voice calls and many more.

xx messenger in the media 📺

xx messenger launch week gave the press PLENTY to talk about as we made the headlines globally in what was truly a week to remember and a pivotal moment in the whole of both the web3, and privacy space.

Overall, xx messenger was featured and mentioned in over 100 global press publications and media outlets, with a total number of views bordering a grand total of ALMOST 10 MILLION! Next to that, stories relating to xx messenger were shared in the thousands, spreading the gift of privacy far and wide. 

Here is a selection of all the major splash xx messenger and David Chaum have made over the last 60 days.

We are absolutely thrilled to also share some upcoming news as they get publicized in the next few months. For now, we’ll just leave some hints out in the open and let you take some time and think about them. Perhaps you figure everything out. Stay tuned ;)

The hints:

‘& chill’
‘Snowy Austin’

The xx network is a new type of platform, offering a protected digital sphere through which its users can share ideas and exchange value in a secure and private way. The xx network is a breakthrough layer-one blockchain that protects against cryptography-breaking quantum computing. It was built by an international team led by David Chaum, the Godfather of cryptocurrency and CEO of Privategrity, the developer of xx messenger. For more information:

Twitter | Discord | Telegram | YouTube | Website | xx network

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