Objective 1

Open Source Code for Node and Community Review

Objective 2

Establish Model for Node Selection, Onboarding and Deployment to Ensure Network Stability and Performance

Objective 3

Create Framework and Mechanisms for xx coin Node Rewards

Objective 4

Grow a Healthy Decentralized, Global Node Community

Objective 5

Identify and Resolve Network and Communications Problems and Identify and Address Software Bugs

Objective 6

Track Node Performance with Public Review/Dashboard and Optimize the Network

The first node on the xx BetaNet, located in Seville, Spain was onboarded in late June 2020. By early November 2020, the BetaNet included over 200 nodes located in 8 separate geographic bins: Central Europe, Middle East, Western Europe, Africa, Russia, Asia, Americas and Eastern Europe. By the end of November 2020, 35B transactions had been processed with messaging latency between 2 and 2.5 seconds. Throughput for messaging is expected to scale to tens of thousands of messages per second as the network grows in MainNet.

Payment and value transactions will support global volume at thousands of transactions per second (and could go to 10,000 TPS with gigabit network connections). Transactions running through cMix are expected to have a time to finality of under 10 seconds.