Goodbye Alpha… Hello Beta!

As BetaNet nears, the AlphaNet chapter is coming to a close. Here’s what you need to know.

Posted by: Kate Victoria
Posted on: April 14, 2020

xx network development can be broken down into four key phases: the private AlphaNet, public AlphaNet, BetaNet and MainNet. The public AlphaNet launched in September 2019 with 8 CPU based nodes run by independent operators around the world and with the goal to test node deployments and feature updates under live conditions on a global network. With the release of Unified Polling this week, these goals will be met.  

The structure of the AlphaNet makes it unsuitable for testing the two key upcoming Elixxir deployments for BetaNet, GPU integration and teaming, and separate testing infrastructure has been created for these updates: the Node Lab. While the AlphaNet theoretically could continue to run, it is difficult to justify the resource allocations (both internally and environmentally) to continue to support a global network that is not truly needed. The clearest and most efficient path forward is to shift full focus to implementing BetaNet, on track for summer 2020.

We will consequently be shutting down the xx AlphaNet and xx messenger testing on Monday, April 20th. 

xx messenger has served several purposes in this testing chapter, including driving real time traffic to the network to test load and usage, allowing community members to verify that the technology works from their smartphone, and providing a valuable touchpoint for feedback and interaction between the team and community members. This is only the end of the xx messenger alpha, as the beta will be released this fall running on the xx BetaNet. 

We still hold as a priority the accessible testing of the network and community interaction and feedback. For the transition to BetaNet, we are looking at some new approaches including an improved network dashboard, smaller public testing groups for the xx messenger beta and regular video updates for the community. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, feel free to share with the team on Discord or the Forum.

Any decentralized network is only as strong as its community, and the community involvement in this phase has been invaluable. We can confidently say that the AlphaNet phase was a success and is allowing us to move toward BetaNet on schedule, and that is because of the over 2400 users who tested xx messenger. From the xx team, thank you to everyone who participated!

Let’s keep this momentum going for BetaNet this summer!

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