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Elixxir BetaNet Questionnaire Data

With step 1 of the node selection process completed, and step 2, the Node application opening Monday, it’s time to share your anonymized preferences toward the rollout of the Elixxir BetaNet!

Posted by: The Elixxir Team
Posted on: February 15, 2019

With step 1 of the node selection process completed, and step 2, the Node application opening Monday, it’s time to share your anonymized preferences toward the rollout of the Elixxir BetaNet! The Node Questionnaire closed on Thursday, Feb. 7, after a deadline extension to accommodate for additional responses following our Technical Node Breakdown from VP of Architecture Ben Wenger. Our internal goal for survey engagement was 500 responses, and at survey close 585 of you had participated, so a special thanks to all of you who took part.

The questionnaire was designed to survey community preferences on platform governance, incentives, and community to drive the BetaNet node selection process that will ultimately help guide Elixxir’s MainNet launch. The entire 6-step BetaNet Node Selection Process draws from the IETF’s early methodology to create a robust, high-quality procedure for reaching agreement on this first vetted set of BetaNet nodes. The process is designed to be as open and transparent as possible for the community at large.

Following the release of today’s data, we’ll be kicking off step 2 of the BetaNet Node Selection Process with the Node Application opening on Monday, Feb. 18th. Additional detail about stage 2 will be provided in a blog post that opens up applications on Monday.

In the meantime, please take a look through the below for a data download of the raw, anonymized questionnaire responses, as well as corresponding response graphics and context to some community feedback provided to relevant questions.

Combined Data Download here.

Question 1: Are You Considering Running a Node on the Elixxir BetaNet?

Question #2: The Elixxir network performs best and provides the best confidentiality when its nodes are spread out geographic regions and national boundaries. Would you be willing to share your location so we can gauge interest?

Question #3: Please enter your city and country.

Top 20 responding countries: United States, Russia, Australia, Portugal, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, Turkey, Netherlands, China, Spain, Singapore, Ireland, Ukraine, France, Greece, South Korea, India, Lithuania.

Responding community members achieved wide global distribution across markets.

Question #4: If you were selected to choose 10 nodes to add to the Elixxir network, rank the following qualities based on how important they are to your decision.

Community clearly values importance of Technical Experience, Participation in Elixxir Governance, Background of potential BetaNet node operators, Trustworthiness of those operators (no criminal record), and participation in Cryptocurrency community & other open source projects.

Other important qualities submitted by the community:

  • Software development experience

  • Potential node setup structure (hardware vs. cloud, network bandwidth & uptime, individual or group)

  • Background (lack of criminal record, past node experience)

  • Elixxir understanding & community (how well node operators understand the platform, and if they are willing to be active leaders or creators in Elixxir communities)

Question #5: How important are the following properties for decentralization in your opinion?

Participants are passionate about each property in question 5, with transparency of any potential future foundations slightly outweighing other properties. A high number of globally distributed nodes, with fair tokenomics, legitimate governance, operating outside the control of a small group of consolidated “whales” is what the community values as important to Elixxir’s development and rollout.

Other important qualities submitted by the community:

  • Diversity and distribution (wide geographic footprint, mix of cloud, home servers, and datacenters)

  • Public directory of registered nodes & quality of service

  • Simplicity in on-boarding

Question #6: What minimum annual return (assuming stable value) on bonded deposit would you need to see in the form of block reward to decide to run a node? Please enter a percentage as whole number from 0 to 10,000. For example, 100 implies a 1× return, 1000 a 10× return, and 10,000 a 100× return.

  • Mean: 989%

  • Median: 200%

  • Mode: 1000%

  • StdDev: 2101

Community responses indicate a desire for 10× yearly annual return on bonded deposit to run a node.

Question #7: How critical is governance participation to you? How much time out of a month would you be willing to put into governance if you were a node assuming the returns were as you described in the previous question?

Question #8: How much money, in USD, would you be willing to deposit as a bond to run a node?

Question #9: What is a comfortable hardware investment for you to make to ensure you secure a node?

Question #10: Have you run any nodes for the following platforms?

Word cloud of other platforms & terms commonly specified:

Question #11: Do you have experience deploying servers to cloud-based services?

Question #12: Do you have experience deploying hardware servers in a datacenter?

Question #13: What did we miss? Do you have suggestions about the proposed Elixxir BetaNet node selection process? What questions should be have asked instead?

Additional community feedback and thoughts to question 13 tended to center around the following topics:

  • Background (current career, history in crypto, etc.)

  • Software development experience

  • Potential node setup structure (physical location, individual or group, hardware vs. cloud, bandwidth & uptime)

  • Participation in the community

Thanks again to the members of the Elixxir community who helped drive step 1! This process is designed to be led by you from start-to-finish, so please get ready for step 2, the BetaNet Node Application, opening this coming Monday, February 18th, and continue to spread the word about the rollout of the Elixxir BetaNet!

The Elixxir Team