Road To MainNet

Public xx coin sale for Insiders!

xx coin sale coming in mid-December. An exclusive for insiders!

Posted by: xx network Team
Posted on: December 10, 2020

Road to MainNet 09.

Coming for the holidays, the Mid-December, xx coin Insider Sale!

A public coin sale for insiders who know about xx -- it won’t be advertised, only for the community.  The sale will be capped with one allocation for small purchases and another for large.  Unfortunately, and very unfairly, right now the xx coin sale can only be open to non-U.S. persons.

More details next week.

We all know, dApps are critical to driving adoption and value.

Because only xx offers elixxir privacy protection, only xx can support truly private messaging.

The killer dApp!

Communicate with friends, family, and service providers...without fear of being spied on.

Other dApps are coming. Private, secure, high speed xx interaction means that critical applications now controlled by corporate entities (which users currently rely on for privacy and security) can be decentralized. Watch the video!

With the open source xxdk releasing in mid-December, developers are off to the races!

Here are projects already underway. 

  1. Uses xx transactions to facilitate a defi exchange.

  2. Focused on decentralized checking of fake news.

  3. Better smart contract. Uses xx to offer private, secure, computing mkt. place.

  4. An online voting platform addressing vote verification, selling and privacy challenges.

And there is interest in other areas. See twitter polling results below!