Road To MainNet

A Look Back at 2020.

What to Expect in 2021, MainNet Here We Come! Plus a look back at the key events of 2020!

Posted by: xx network Team
Posted on: February 18, 2021

Key 2020 Events.

-- Following the initial token sale in early 2020 and the publishing of the xx Whitepaper and the Praxxis Technical Brief, the Praxxis team went into stealth mode to implement xx Consensus.

-- David and the team began participating in podcasts, webinars, and FAQs (which are currently available on YouTube).  But the crypto live event "machine" and related media coverage (and also meetups and our Local Leaders program) were all shut down for obvious reasons.

-- The Elixxir team drove the launch and growth of xx BetaNet, culminating in the Integration TestNet year-end 2020 implemented by both teams.  The network now numbers almost 350 nodes on 5 continents.

-- Development of the public xx messenger was scheduled, soon to be followed by a number of  3rd-party development partnerships that  leverage the unique privacy, voting and smart contract capabilities provided through the xxDK.

So, now, onto MainNet.

Coming Up.

Refining the economics of the xx platform.  We assembled a task force, including external experts, to fast-track a definitive plan for incentivization and for future token sales aimed at growing the network.

Allocating tokens to community-driven technical development, incentivizing staking of new nodes, funding liquidity pools and incentivizing participation in polling and governance and usage of private communications are some of the objectives.  Ultimately we aim to put tokens in the hands of network supporters by working with them to make the xx network great.

Sharing dApp Progress. As much of the xx community has realized, our technology and vision is uniquely positioned to address many of the critical issues of the day: turbulent elections, censorship, and social manipulation via ad-incentivized social media platforms.

A clear priority is driving the development of real applications that address these issues and attract mainstream users to the platform. Ultimately, we believe in users, the people that will drive decentralization and the value of the blockchain space. We are excited to release one of the first truly user-focused dApps, the xx messenger, in the coming months to drive users to cryptocurrency.

Asia Sale and Decentralized MainNet Sale.  We’re working with Asian partners to plan a sale focused on providing better access to the xx token for people in Asia. In parallel, with Decentralized MainNet coming and after struggling with U.S. legal constraints, we’re finally able to make plans for “U.S. Persons” to participate more fully in the xx network including acquiring the xx coin. More details and dates to come!

David Chaum and the xx team giving everyone a big THANK YOU! Watch video.