xx network


Decentralized MainNet

Summer 2021
Consensus controls network state
Decentralized Governance Live
Foundation operational
Governance controls all network permissioning
Conversion to native xx coins
Exchange listing and trading

Technical MainNet

xx messenger public release
xx dApp betas
xxDK expansion
Community outreach and growth
Marketing and promotion ramp up


Spring 2020
xx node lab and hardware specification
BetaNet code open sourced
Initial BetaNet nodes selected
Summer 2020
xx network BetaNet launched
8 geographic bins established
100-node/100B milestone achieved
Fall 2020
4k prime released
BetaNet optimized
250-node/30B milestone achieved
December 2020
Integration TestNet
xxDK open source & release
xx dApp examples
Network decentralization program

Public alpha

September 2019
5-continent xx network public alpha released
November 2019
Release of the xx messenger via the collective app
December 3, 2019
xx coin registration begins
January 2020 - March 2020
Early xx Coin Sales

Private alpha

July 2018
xx network private alpha released
September 2018
xx cMix announced to the public
January 2019
BetaNet node selection process begins
May 2019
Release of the xx collective app
June 2019
Community-driven selection of BetaNet nodes
August 2019
xx consensus protocol & digital currency announced