xx cMix

xx consensus Binary
Objective 1:
Parallel Processing Capability and Network Stability Tests (Dec. 11th-18th 2020)

xx cMix and consensus software ran concurrently on the same nodes testing the efficiency of parallel processing within specified hardware resources. This was the first public realtime demo of xx consensus software running for an extended period demonstrating stability of the network over time. During a week of testing, over 500,000 blocks or 500,000,000 transactions were processed, almost as much as Bitcoin in its entire lifetime, with around 1000 TPS and time to finality in seconds.

Objective 2:
Throughput and Latency Tests (Scalability + Burst/Max TPS)

Network scalability was tested beginning with a network size of 200 nodes, and then increasing size in steps of 200 up to 1000 nodes. Number of endorsers was held constant at 200. Unlike legacy consensus protocols, performance (TPS and Time to Finality) did not drop significantly as network size increased, demonstrating that xx Consensus can support a worldwide network of thousands of nodes with high performance.

The second test will be a shorter burst test to demonstrate maximum TPS. Throughput will be increased for a period of time with the expectation of TPS between 2500 and 3500.


(200-node example)