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Node Operators Commit to xx BetaNet

xx network uses consumer hardware, nodes to be rewarded with xx coins

Posted by: xx team
Posted on: May 1, 2020

GRAND CAYMAN, 7:00PM May 1, 2020 -- With the xx network requiring only affordable consumer hardware, xx node operators are now committing to the impending xx BetaNet.  Participating nodes will be rewarded with xx coins.  

Announced this Wednesday, the xx BetaNet hardware specifications dramatically reduce barriers to node participation.  Consumer hardware can be used because of the revolutionary design of the xx software which runs a highly efficient mixnet, block producer and block endorser team selection and the xx consensus protocol. 

The xx network began the xx BetaNet node process with open publication of selection information. 600 nodes that met the publicly vetted criteria were announced in June of 2019. David Chaum, xx network founder commented, “Transparency in node selection is the ultimate bedrock of the xx network, injecting trust into the core of the platform”

Starting today, nodes can take the first step in onboarding through a dedicated website at  This process is designed to brief nodes and to provide protection from legal risk associated with receiving xx coin rewards. Status updates and details are at

Coinbase-backed Tokensoft CEO, Mason Borda, observed that, “The xx team continues to push the boundaries when it comes to high integrity  privacy and trust infrastructure. We’re excited to bring first in-class regulatory and compliance services to the xx network.” 

“We've all really benefited from Tokensoft's involvement,” explained Stephanie Vaughan Weichsel, xx network COO. “They are a true supporter of the Blockchain community and our partnership with them helps provide the xx network and xx nodes with the infrastructure to meet local and international compliance requirements.”

To ensure a smooth transition to BetaNet, the xx network launched a public AlphaNet in September 2019 which ran through April 2020.  The xx messenger launched in November 2019, utilizing the public xx AlphaNet to test completely private communication between its users. 

Last month, xx network outlined the Road to BetaNet, announcing the July 2020 launch date and its partnership with Tokensoft. 

“Through community input, we have selected hardware specifications allowing the xx network to shine while creating an egalitarian node community.”  Said Benjamin Wenger, Chief Engineer of the xx network.

The xx network BetaNet will officially launch on July 1st with 150 initial nodes.

About xx coin and xx network:

The xx coin is a high performance digital currency secured by the xx network.  A store of value, the coin also supports decentralized messaging, payments, and dApps. The xx coin was designed to address the original Satoshi challenge for true P2P digital cash, growing public concern for user privacy and the emerging threat of quantum computing.

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