World Blockchain Summit: Virtual Connect 2020

The inventor of digital cash, David Chaum, shares his personal and professional experiences during the march toward decentralization.

David Chaum

July 16, 2020

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World Blockchain Summit: Virtual Connect 2020

By David Chaum

July 16, 2020

The inventor of digital cash, David Chaum, shares his personal and professional experiences during the march toward decentralization.

Thank you for making AlphaNet such a success! See you at BetaNet!

By xx Team

April 20, 2020

Over 2400 testers helped make the xx AlphaNet testing successful. Thanks from the xx Team and stay tuned for BetaNet this summer!

Back-end Briefs: What goes on at Elixxir?

By xx network team

March 30, 2020

Engineer Josh Brooks walks us through how the back-end team works together to deliver the privacy-protecting communications layer of the xx network.

What is the xx network?

By xx Team

March 27, 2020

High Performing. Quantum Secure. Privacy protecting. Take a quick look at the xx network.

David Chaum gives xx network update

By David Chaum

March 18, 2020

David Chaum gives an update on xx network development, including a status update on the Beta launch. He also answers some of the community's questions about the xx coin, including details on the lockup period.

Cryptocurrency Godfather David Chaum on Blockchain's Potential

By xx Team

March 1, 2020

Praxxis's creator, David Chaum, has been traveling the world explaining his vision for how blockchain will go mainstream. Join us for the ride as the Godfather of Cryptocurrency explains blockchain's potential, and how Praxxis' quantum resistant cryptography delivers a scalable platform that will facilitate mainstream adoption of the technology.

What is the xx network and How it Defends Threats to Democracy

By xx network

February 11, 2020

Cryptography pioneer David Chaum on how the xx network protects our freedoms and global democracy.

xx network Webinar Highlights

By xx network team

December 16, 2019

Short highlights from the xx network webinars, a deep dive into the technical details of Elixxir and Praxxis. Each video is just a few minutes long and covers a different key topic of the network.

David Chaum reveals Praxxis technology accepting Dijkstra award

By David Chaum

November 29, 2019

Receiving the prestigious Dijkstra fellowship, David Chaum speaks on his time in Amsterdam, his work over the years including Digicash, and his latest project, Praxxis.

How can we fulfill Satoshi's vision for blockchain

By Web Summit

November 16, 2019

What does a better bitcoin look like? David Chaum, digital cash pioneer and cryptographer, explores the original plan for blockchain and what's next.

Introducing xx messenger

By The Elixxir Team

November 5, 2019

Introducing xx messenger. The first smartphone dApp running on the xx network public alpha. The xx messenger offers unprecedented user privacy, as no other existing software, smartphone app, or dApp erases user metadata.

Keynote at Node Tokyo

By David Chaum

October 7, 2019

The godfather of digital currency discusses the importance of metadata protection and the inevitability of quantum computing.

David Chaum’s Keynote at D.Fine in Korea

By David Chaum

October 1, 2019

David Chaum, founder of Praxxis, explains the Praxxis consensus and digital currency breakthrough and expresses concern over our digital future.

Elixxir explained by VP of Architecture Ben Wenger

By Ben Wenger

September 25, 2019

Join Elixxir VP of Architecture Ben Wenger as we explore Elixxir, the brainchild of David Chaum and potentially a key innovation in privacy technology. Elixxir isn't just another privacy coin, it's an entire privacy protocol with a wide range of applications, one of which is hosting a privacy cryptocurrency.

Edward Snowden on Elixxir at Bitcoin 2019 Conference

By Naomi Brockwell

June 29, 2019

At Bitcoin 2019, Edward Snowden discussed the current lack of privacy in blockchain, specifically with Bitcoin and how Elixxir could be a solution. Read more about the cMix technology he references in the Elixxir cMix whitepaper.

David Chaum: Swiss Central Bank Keynote Presentation

By The Elixxir Team

May 31, 2019

David's recent Keynote presentation at the SNB CIF Conference on Crypto Assets & Financial Innovation in Zurich for the Swiss Central Bank

Cristo on Crypto Podcast - David Chaum on TOR and the flaws of end to end encryption

By Cristo on Crypto

April 19, 2019

Cristo on Crypto caught up with CEO David Chaum in Paris to discuss digital privacy, Elixxir development and his thoughts on TOR and the NSA.

The Elixxir Platform: How Does It Work?

By The Elixxir Team

April 4, 2019

The Elixxir platform leverages breakthroughs in mix networks and precomputation to provide metadata-resistant messaging and payments all-in-one.

The 4 Fundamental Requirements to go Mainstream

By The Elixxir Team

April 2, 2019

David Chaum details the 4 fundamental requirements that must be met in order for blockchain to go mainstream.

David Chaum & DigiCash: The First Digital Currency

By The Elixxir Team

March 29, 2019

A brief retrospective on Elixxir Founder & CEO David Chaum's creation of the first digital currency with DigiCash.