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The xx network combines technology developed by Elixxir and Praxxis into the first online platform that allows you to communicate and exchange value without revealing so-called "metadata", who you interact with and when. Because the metadata is more revealing than message content, the xx network uniquely provides the protections essential for our informational freedom.

The Elixxir communications layer protects privacy by combining end-to-end encryption with an accelerated mix network that obscures metadata generated by a user’s daily activities.

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Praxxis provides quantum resistant-blockchain techology and a new high performance digital currency, the xx coin. Using a new approach to consensus, Praxxis leverages the power of Elixxir's privacy-protecting technology.

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Video January 27, 2020


Use the xx network Today

The xx messenger runs on the xx network public alpha launched in September 2019 to deliver a new type of message: the xm. Mix message (xm) technology ensures users’ messages are not only end to end encrypted but also are stripped of all metadata, protecting all private user information.

No one, not even a mix network itself, is capable of seeing who an xm is from or to, or able to read the contents of the communication. The xx network implements a breakthrough mix protocol called cMix.

The xx messenger is currently being released to members of the community based on their position on the Access List in the xx collective app!

Want to test the messenger? Download xx collective and join the list!

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Maintained by a team of nodes run by independent operators, the xx network public alpha represents the first public demonstration of cMix, the pioneering transaction network that shreds metadata and provides unprecedented consumer privacy and security. The Elixxir Alpha Messenger runs on the public alpha, as well as the ArrowSDK program.

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The ArrowSDK allows developers to make apps leveraging the xx network alpha’s security and privacy through a clean, easy to use API. The ArrowSDK handles sending and receiving messages through the Gateways, ensuring every aspect of private messaging – from registration, to end to end encryption, and message reception ― is secure and accessible to developers.

The ArrowSDK is client side code, written in Golang, which allows a developer to securely, seamlessly, and easily access the network from a wide variety of languages and platforms.

xx network Team

The xx network was founded by David Chaum, widely known inventor of Digital Cash and godfather of cryptocurrency. The xx network incorporates both the Elixxir cMix communications layer developed and implemented by the Elixxir team, and the Praxxis digital currency and consensus mechanism developed by the Praxxis team, which is located in the Cayman Islands.

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