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Resources for Node Operators

Joining the xx network MainNet requires two computers that meet the minimum required hardware specifications a cMix node computer and a cMix gateway computer.

The cMix node and gateway computers run the cMix software. Additionally, each cMix node computer acts as an xx network chain validator and each cMix gateway computer acts as an xx network chain node.

The Node Handbook details the procedure and instructions for configuring the OS, installing the required dependencies of the cMix and xx network chain software, and staking the node.

Staking requires a native xx network wallet for the stash and controller accounts to stake the node with the minimum stake (1,000 xx) through the xx network wallet.

Get Nominated
Get nominated, which helps maintain the status of an Active Node. Find nominators through the various xx community channels such as our Telegram and Discord channels and the xx network Forum.

Once your node and gateway are live, you can see how your node is doing on the cMix Dashboard.

Tarballs are designed for x86-64 linux distributions and contain everything needed to run xx chain, xx cMix, including CUDA support. Details of the deployment process can be found on the Node Handbook on the xx network wiki.


Version: 8

Date: 10/27/2023

SHA256 checksum: 74787d2f2238f304b23374a6b7fd0b2ca4293c74359d3460c87ea0cac91804c9


Version: 8

Date: 7/17/2023

SHA256 checksum: 5351fbbb288aedc782c8b08c2c9f818e56f15abc649d8287c08432fdc53ec06c

CanaryNet Resources

Resources for CanaryNet node operators.

CanaryNet is closed at this time. Sign up for updates to be notified when it is reopened.

Explore the xx network

We’ve built powerful tools to help you use the xx network. Whether you want to see real time mixnet metrics, access blockchain transaction history, or use your xx coins to stake or vote in the network, we’ve got you covered.



Visit the cMix dashboard to see nodes processing messages in real time while checking statistics on their performance, uptime, and network throughput.


Navigate through the block explorer to learn more about xx network blockchain and to inspect on-chain data, such as transfers, votes and staking activity.


Use the official web-based wallet app to create quantum-ready wallets, stake your xx coins, and vote on network issues.

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