xx network

The first and only quantum-resistant and privacy-focused blockchain ecosystem

The xx network is a future-proof layer-one blockchain that facilitates thousands of transactions per second and protects against cryptography-breaking quantum computing.

The xx network’s blockchain enables digital sovereignty by putting the users in control of the messaging and payments infrastructure. The xx blockchain utilizes breakthroughs in stake-based consensus protocols to provide energy-efficient and quantum-secure transactions at a scale to meet the needs for global payments.


Decentralized global node network

The xx network is supported by a robust, decentralized, global network of nodes, each independently owned/operated and running the xx network software. 

Need Some Help?

You can connect in real time with the team and other nodes on the official xx forum.

Breakthrough consensus algorithm​

Building on the pioneering work of others in the blockchain space, the xx network has developed a new consensus protocol, called xx consensus, that achieves linear scalability. xx consensus has quantum resistance, high transaction throughput, and the ability to scale to thousands of nodes.


Resistant to Attack

Nodes must commit to unmanipulatable, unpredictable randomness when joining – thereby sacrificing the ability to control node and endorser selection.

Constant Number of Endorsers

Slashes communication/time requirements, resulting in linear scaling for the network.

Compact Signatures

Breakthrough compact signatures support unprecedented efficiency in endorsing blocks. Signatures can easily be created, sent, and checked even by smartphones for each block.

Quantum Secure

National-lab-level cryptography secures the network and consensus against emerging quantum computing.

Advanced Computational Approach

xxMPC is our approach to multiparty computation, a form of data validation that ensures security and privacy. Unlike traditional smart contracts, xxMPC does not disclose confidential information to undesired parties. Your data has never been safer.


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Sustainable & equitable blockchain governance

The energy usage of PoW systems such as bitcoin is too extreme, but PoS systems can easily exclude smaller coin-holders from running nodes or earning incentives.

The xx network uses a nominated stake approach, which provides an inclusive governance mechanism that incentivizes active participation in the community while ensuring that nodes are held accountable for their actions.

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