We are building a world where your life belongs to you.

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Welcome to the xx network

The xx network is a future-proof layer-one blockchain that facilitates thousands of transactions per second and protects against cryptography-breaking quantum computing.

Our Mission:

We’re on a mission to make your life genuinely private and protected

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The Reality

In our world today, even your most personal data isn’t private. That goes for everything from communicating online to how you spend your money. Your information doesn’t belong to you, and more than that: it’s for sale.

The Change

We built a tracking-free, spying-free, and advertiser-free platform. Now, no matter where you are in the world, you can communicate and transact privately – resting easy that your digital footprint is safe from advertisers and bad actors.


Stay up to date with xx network as we continue our work in the ecosystem.

Building the most secure blockchain network.

The first and only quantum-resistant and privacy-focused blockchain ecosystem.

Creation of the xx network

Since the early days of Bitcoin, many projects have attempted to develop decentralized platforms capable of providing global-scale payments systems. However, these networks are burdened by hefty fees, slow payment confirmation times, high energy consumption, and outdated cryptography. This has slowed user adoption and prevented decentralized networks from achieving global scale.

Building on our founders’ involvement in several successful and cutting-edge blockchain projects, in 2016 we began designing a new blockchain protocol that would maintain the technology’s critical elements of decentralization and speed with even better user privacy and protection from hackers and data miners.

Over the next five years, the essential elements were developed in stealth as xx consensus (quantum-resistant blockchain protocol), xx cMix (privacy layer), and Praxxis. In 2020, these three innovations were merged to form the xx network.

Learn more about how the xx network provides real-time metadata shredding for ultra-secure messaging and transacting.

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Our Quantum-Resistant Consensus Technology

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