Beta Node Handbook Released

A person with a book

Today, we released the handbook for running a node in the xx network BetaNet. You can find it here.

Our goal with the handbook was to treat node operators as full fledged contributors to the network, which is why it goes into significant detail about the architecture and design of the BetaNet. We also felt it was important to include node operators from all walks of life, which is why the instructions are far more detailed and assume a lower level of knowledge from the reader.  There is an abridged instructions section for those node operators with more experience.

As you can tell, this release, as well as the software release and final tarballs needed to launch a node were all delayed from the initial plan of June 1st. We want to assure all node operators that due to the delays, the launch process will be very lax. As long as nodes come online in the month of July, all nodes that are eligible will receive full compensation.

As to the reason for the delay, while we had the bulk of the engineering done ahead of schedule, edge cases related to the partially synchronous nature of cMix have held us up from releasing. These have by and large been fixed and we are ready to start the process.

We are currently working on deploying the control infrastructure, generating keys, and releasing the rest of the software. The deployment is taking a little longer than expected because we are moving the locations of the servers to Europe to ensure the lowest latencies after the shift in node demographics.

We expect the rest of the software as well as a stress testing guide to be released on Wednesday, June 17, 2020 and for the network information and tarballs to be released early next week.

As you begin setting up your nodes, it is likely some node operators will encounter issues.  Our engineering teams will be available to help those that need it. You can ask questions on the DIscordBetaNet Forum, or email [email protected].

Looking forward to creating xx network BetaNet with you!

Node operators, please don’t begin setting up your node until you have registered on or if you are a US node operator signed the contract to continue without compensation. To begin July 1st, you must register by the end of the day this Friday (6/19/2020).