BetaNet Node Bounty Program


The Elixxir BetaNet bounty program is intended to reward Successful Node Referrals, which are defined as:

Referring an applicant who runs a BetaNet node that meets minimum participation requirements to be specified for the Initial Term (as defined in the Beta Testing Agreement Terms & Conditions located here) of the BetaNet.

How this will be tracked:

When an Elixxir BetaNet node application is submitted, the applicant will receive an email with a Referral Code which will be used to keep track of the applicant’s progress. This Referral Code can be given to new applicants in the process of applying.

Bounty or reward to be offered:

Successfully running a node for the duration of the BetaNet (defined as meeting minimum participation requirements to be specified for the Initial Term) will make a referrer eligible to receive a slot in the MainNet.  Furthermore, those referrals that are also selected to be a BetaNet node and do so successfully will be used to assign more slots.

Limits on the reward:

If the referrer also succeeded in running a BetaNet node, they will be eligible to be granted up to two extra node slots in MainNet depending on the number of their referrals that also succeed. No BetaNet participant will be eligible to receive more than three MainNet node slots.

Additional Terms

The Beta Testing Agreement Terms & Conditions located here and our Privacy Policy located here (collectively, the “Terms”) are incorporated into the terms of this proposal, and your participation in the BetaNet is subject to your agreement with the Terms. While our intent is to provide such rewards in exchange for your participation during the BetaNet, based on feedback and our development efforts, Elixxir may elect in its sole discretion to forego awarding MainNet nodes or may significantly modify the underlying infrastructure of the MainNet such that awarding MainNet nodes for BetaNet participation is no longer feasible. You acknowledge and agree that Elixxir is not bound to provide any eligible referrer a MainNet node should Elixxir determine that providing such nodes would be detrimental to the network or that this structure is no longer viable with the network’s goals. The reward program is not a commitment to providing MainNet nodes for any BetaNet participant, and any eligibility to receive a MainNet node based on your participation in the BetaNet is not a legally binding obligation of Elixxir.