MainNet Wallet Commitment Applet Instructions


Download the correct file for your operating system. You can use the provided SHA256 checksums to verify the integrity of your download.




  1. Download the zip file for macOS above. The same file will work on both M1 and Intel Macs.
  2. Double click the zip file. The app will extract to the same location.
  3. Right-click on the app and select “Open”.
  4. A warning will appear saying the app cannot be verified. Click the “Open” button to continue.


  1. Download the zip file for Windows above.
  2. Open up the file location of the download, which is most likely in your downloads folder.
  3. Extract the files in the zip file and launch nw.exe.


  1. Download the zip file for Linux.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file.
    $ unzip
  3. Enter the extracted directory.
    $ cd nwjs-*
  4. Run the nw executable.
    $ ./nw

Using the Form

To fill out this form, you need the credentials for your node (key, public certificate, and IDF). Per previous instructions, the team expects node operators to have these in a secure location. To find these, refer to Finding Betanet Node Credentials on the wiki. If you do not have them already, download them to the machine from which you are running the app.

  1. First, select your Node’s public certificate. It will be a .crt or .cert file.
  2. Select your Node’s private key. It will be a .key file.
  3. Select your Node’s identity file (IDF). It will be a .json file.
  4. Enter your nomination wallet, which should have the majority of your BetaNet rewards and can be used to nominate any node. This wallet will count towards your team multiplier.
  5. Enter your validator wallet, which should contain a smaller number of coins and is the wallet that your node will be directly running on. This wallet will count towards your team multiplier.
  6. Review the contract and press the checkmark to accept the conditions. Note that you can view the entire contract on a separate page or print it for your records.
  7. Press the “Submit” button and wait for the confirmation message. This may take a few moments.

If you do not have your BetaNet Keys, the team cannot help you.

MainNet Transition Program Commitment Wallet Generator

QR Code

This wallet generator has a final step where you will use your BetaNet node keys (You need both the IDF and the node private key) to sign the new MainNet wallet. This wallet will be how the team identifies the MainNet transition program participant in MainNet. This MUST be the same MainNet wallet you will use to claim your ERC 1404 coins into once the MainNet Launches*.

If you lose the generated keys to your MainNet wallet, you will be unable to participate within the MainNet Transition Program*

To use this tool, you will need your betanet node private key and your betanet node IDF. Both of which you were instructed to preserve when joining the MainNet Transition Program. Refer to the wiki for instructions on finding these files within a BetaNet Deployment.

If you do not have your betanet node private key, you will be unable to participate in the MainNet Transition Program*.

If you cannot find your IDF, you can retrieve it from this repository. The files are named as the base64url encoding of your node ID. You can use the map.csv to convert from your standard node ID or application ID.

This Wallet Generator includes a contract that is required for participation within the MainNet Transition Program. You can find a copy of the contract here. It references the MainNet transition rules per: Please make sure you familiarize yourself with both the program rules and the contained contract before signing.

To be staked on MainNet Launch (November 8), please make sure you successfully Commit to your new wallet by November 4th*. Otherwise, you may not receive your team multiplier until a later date.

If you are receiving your coins via “deferred MainNet” (meaning you currently do not have ERC 1404 coins). You MUST submit your MainNet wallet by October 31st* to participate in the MainNet Transition Program. The team will be putting your coins directly into this wallet in the genesis block. If you do not provide this wallet by October 31, we will send coins to the registered Ethereum address on Tokensoft.  If no ethereum address is registered, your receipt of coins may be delayed past MainNet Launch.


sha: 5bdb82bde2379c4c4d66040fd1a1afb11bc9f97e4fb44ec08888ce968bec36ce

Linux (.deb):
sha: e81ed0bc68e20962596e7199a6dca7fbb8325c129c9bc4bd97764c4438c6c537

Linux (.rpm):
sha: 466350ad94e9874878343a0e0ab6f860439232c823684c608e9e88a7fd8f9b71

sha: af602befce23c128401d488078d4d3d7f85616b4514cb5ad71a43d044cca6938

Mac M1:
sha: 1ab61954c9ad414480c4d1d949a3076a6a07fcfd4385f09494dfe92e7c68e868

Installation Instructions


1. Download the appropriate .dmg for your processor. If you are unsure which processor your mac has then click on the Apple icon in the top left of the screen and click “About This Mac”. Look for a label which says “Processor” or “Chip”.

2. Open the .dmg and drag the file to your Applications folders.

3. Open your Applications folder and right click the app and select “Open”. You cannot double-click on the app the first time it’s opened. It must opened by right clicking and selecting “Open”.

4. When the warning pops up, click “Open” again. Follow the instructions on screen to generate your wallet.


1. Download the .exe

2. Navigate to the folder the application downloaded to and double click it to run

3. You will get a blue square popup which says “Windows protected you PR”. Click “More info” and then “Run anyway”

4. A UAC (User Account Control) prompt will pop up asking you”If you would like to allow this app to make changes to your device”.  Click “yes”

5. The app will install itself then execute.  Follow the instructions on screen to generate your wallet.

Linux (.deb)

1. Download the .deb

2. Open a terminal and execute:

cd downloads

3. Then execute:

sudo dpkg -i wallet-gen_0.1.0_amd64.deb

4. You can now use your Window Manager’s applications list to open “Quantum-Ready Wallet Generator” or run the command:


Linux (.rpm)

1. Download the .rpm

2. Open a terminal and execute:

cd downloads/

3. Then execute:

sudo rpm -i wallet-gen-0.1.0.x86_64.rpm

4. You can now use your Window Manager’s applications list to open “Quantum-Ready Wallet Generator” or run the command:


Source Code

Wallet UI:
branch: main

branch: master

Wallet Creation and Storage Tips

There are a series of things a wallet holder can do to better secure their xx coins at this time. None of these solutions, in fact no solution, is perfectly secure in all circumstances. It is important for a wallet holder to understand their situation, their risks as well as their risk tolerance when making an informed decision about the security of their wallet.

  • Never give your recovery phrase to anyone – Knowledge of the recovery phrase is the same as control of the wallet. Sharing a recovery phrase gives the holder complete access to all funds in the wallet.
  • Do not store your recovery phrase on a computer – Computers, especially internet connected computers, can be compromised in a variety of ways. It is never advised to store a wallet on a computer, especially an internet connected one.
  • Make sure that you trust any application you enter your recovery phrase into – Any application which a recover phrase is entered into has complete control of funds. Ensure any application the Phrase is entered into is completely trusted. If you are capable, it is recommended to example the source code and compile the application yourself.
  • Store your recovery phrase somewhere safe (safety deposit box, secure safe) – Ensure there are safeguards against the recovery phrase being physically taken from you.

*These are hard restrictions and requirements cannot be changed