Initial List of BetaNet Nodes Published


Step 5 of Step 5 of Elixxir’s BetaNet node selection is here! Today we are publishing an initial selection of node applications for the Elixxir BetaNet, for public review and feedback. You can view the list of selected nodes published to the Node Forum.

What is this “rough draft” list?

Following the timeline we laid out in January, this is our “rough draft” of node applications that we believe represent strong candidates to run the BetaNet. Now we want input from you, the members of the Elixxir community, on our selections.

What does it mean if I’m on the list?

This is a rough draft, published for public review and feedback. Applications on this list are not guaranteed a slot in the BetaNet; Elixxir will announce the final list on June 21st. And some node applications not on this list will be added to the final list.

How should the Elixxir community respond to this list?

We want your feedback! Please go to the Elixxir Node Forum, review this initial selection list, and post your comments and suggestions. If a worthy application is missing from the list, make your voice heard in the Forum to bring it to the community’s attention.

What criteria were used to create this list?

The Elixxir team was delighted to receive 870 node applications from 80 countries. Here are the considerations used when selecting for the list:

  • Geographic location. This is important to minimize network latency, and also to ensure the Elixxir BetaNet truly represents a global network. The list is grouped into six “geographic bins.”
  • Feedback and engagement on the Node Forum. For the past month, node applications have been published on a public forum, allowing anyone who shares a passion for protecting digital privacy and security to offer comments and identify worthy applicants.
  • Application completeness. Incomplete applications make it harder to assess the applicant’s suitability, so completed applications were prioritized.
  • Meeting specifications. Applicants who can meet the published specifications, whether on a physical machine or in the cloud, were prioritized.
  • Diversity of backgrounds. Among applicants who meet the above criteria, we sought diversity along work experience, level of technical ability, and experience in the blockchain community.

What’s next?

Now we want to hear from you! We will continue to closely monitor your feedback in the Node Forum up to the announcement of the final list of BetaNet nodes on June 21st. And thank you to everyone who has already offered their time and attention.

-The Elixxir Team