MainNet Announcement

Happy people

The xx network announces plans for MainNet! In a final test, a short lived ProtoNet will ensure a smooth MainNet transition.

MainNet is about to happen and the xx network is now making final preparations!

Here are the key things to know:

  1. ProtoNet, the final test before MainNet, will happen in August and September, with MainNet shortly after. 
  2. The team has released a detailed token economics proposal to the community. Over the next few weeks, the team is looking forward to community feedback and the finalization of the proposal.  
  3. The xx network has released the xx wiki! It has the latest MainNet Node HandbookGovernance information, and will expand to cover all MainNet topics!
  4. The team has released details of MainNet Node onboarding, MainNet hardware requirements, and the MainNet Transition process for BetaNet Nodes. Read more here.

ProtoNet is the final test in preparation for MainNet. It is a transitory network which will evolve quickly into MainNet, with Node operators on-boarding to test the final software and the MainNet Launch process itself. The network will be used to allow the community to test MainNet functionality without risking their tokens, including staking, governance, coin conversion (claims), and more before MainNet Launch.

Some BetaNet nodes will stay on BetaNet as it transforms into the xx Canary Network. They will be compensated into the future as they help the team test the myriad of future upgrades to the xx network.

The team has worked hard with partners, advisors, and community members to put together a MainNet Launch and token-economic approach which encourages decentralization, protects coin value, and incentivizes network participation. 

MainNet Launch is not the end of xx network development, but the next step into building a dynamic and thriving decentralized community.

We are all very excited about this next step for the xx network and hope very much that you will all join us on the next phase of this journey.