Node Community Selection Process

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We’re committed to a fair and transparent selection process for new nodes to join the xx network. Here is an overview of how our process works and how to get involved:


Our main goals in this community selection process are:
To select new operators with openness and fairness
Be flexible and timely in responses
Deploy clear, concise, and easily understood expectations and documentation
Technical excellence and high-quality deployments

Step 1: Questionnaire

The initial questionnaire was published in 2019 ahead of the selection of the Blue, Teal and White groups, and another instance of the questionnaire was used as part of the Violet group selection process. These questionnaires informed the creation of the node application.

Step 2: Rolling Application

Applications are always open! There will be a cutoff on the 1st of each month to process each group of applications for nodes joining the network on the 1st of the next month (for example, all applications received by the first of September will be processed for an October 1st run date).

Step 3 Initial Screening

Applications are screened to ensure they include key info, such as email address and internet speed.

Step 4: Publish Applications

Applications received by the first of the month will be screened and posted to the BetaNet Forum by the first Wednesday of that month for public comment.
The public can review applications in order to advise the xx network and to ensure the integrity of the process.

Step 5: Decision and Public Discussion

The preliminary selection results will be posted to the forum for public comment on the second Monday of each month. This allows for public dispute resolution regarding selections.

Step 6: Final Decision

Final selections will be released on the third Monday of every month along with a document summarizing the selection process and describing the reasoning behind all decision making.

Apply for Community Driven Selection Today.

Our Current Selection Criteria

  • Upload/Download Speed
  • Geographic Bins/Location
  • Commitment to Hardware Requirements
  • Application Quality
  • As applications currently have considerable variability in experience, location, hardware, internet speeds, and other factors, criteria are still under development and will evolve.
Have feedback on the criteria? Share your thoughts on the xx forum.

What to Expect After Submitting?

Submissions are processed in groups beginning on the first of every month. Check the forum beginning on the 1st Wednesday of each month to see all posted submissions and to leave your feedback. An initial selection will be posted on the 2nd Monday of the month, and the final selection will be available on the 3rd Monday of the month. You will receive an email if you are selected in that group.

Review the Latest Node Submission

View the forums.


What if I’m denied in this group?

Nodes are most frequently denied for failing to meet the criteria listed above, or for applying from a very competitive region where space for each group is heavily limited.

Repeated applications demonstrate commitment to the network and will be prioritized. Additionally, if you apply in a group where there are many other applicants from your region, your application will be less competitive. However, if you apply again when there are fewer applicants from your region, your application will be more competitive.

If your initial application was incomplete or of low quality, increasing the quality can improve your chance of selection.

You can contact [email protected] with any questions about your individual application and what next steps to take.

Can I run two nodes?

The same individual or entity cannot run two nodes at this time.

I’m from the US. What does that mean for me?

U.S. Persons are not eligible to participate in the xx coin incentive program for nodes, however, may participate in the network without coin compensation. U.S. nodes complete the same application process and, if selected, will receive further instructions via email.

What is your KYC process?

To commit to join the xx network, you must complete the KYC/AML process to receive xx coins. Our KYC/AML process follows the same pattern as others in the blockchain space, requiring basic KYC documentation such as Government-issued proof of identity. The process takes 15-20 minutes to complete for most node operators.


This methodology is built on a historical precedent. Attempts to standardize access to the Internet by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) were high-stakes and highly-contested. Starting in 1993, IETF operated as an open standards organization successfully implementing a methodology to manage standardization efforts. Despite ongoing attempts by major Information Technology corporations to manipulate Internet standards, IETF efforts ultimately delivered an open Internet.

The xx community-driven selection process draws from the IETF’s early methodology to select xx BetaNet nodes.

The xx network is committed to a methodology that balances the need for open and transparent communication with the requirements of building the network.

Info on the BetaNet Participation Agreement

Seven thousand (7,000) ERC-1404 xx token reward per month of operation.

Two options to receive tokens, deferred or monthly in the BetaNet Participation Agreement. Choose your option based upon your personal legal, tax and compliance needs.

Distribution of xx coins rewards based on monthly vesting and distribution schedule.

Deferred distribution of xx coin rewards for BetaNet Node participation until a MainNet Event*

*If a MainNet Event does not occur no ERC-1404 xx tokens will be distributed. For more information: click here.
xx network nodes are optimized to run on consumer grade hardware. Nodes run on a dedicated machine in the cloud, in a data center, or in your home.

Hardware Requirements


High core count modern CPU

Capable of meeting a multithreaded PassMark score of 15,500 or a Cinebench R5 multi score of 1,750.

Examples: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x, AMD Ryzen 5 3600x, Intel Core i9-9980HK


Nvidia Turing, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 or greater


16 GB DDR4 or more

NOTE: An upgrade path to 32 GB is recommended.


1 TB High Speed Enterprise NVMe (PCI) SSD

Recommended Speed

500,000/500,000 IOPS

Recommended Readability

1.5 million hours MTBF

Example: Samsung 970 PRO SSD 1TB – M.2 NVMe

NOTE: SSD reliability is not as important for the BetaNet when there will not be many transitions. It is likely that lower endurance SSDs will be fine but will need to be replaced when it comes time for MainNet. If an SSD fails, it could take substantial time before a Node is able to get back online.


100 Mbps upload / 100 Mbps download


Gateways require relatively low powered machines. Every Node must have a Gateway.

Dual core modern CPU, cloud deployment possible
Example: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G


Not Required
2GB or more
250 GB
Used for database instances


100 Mbps upload / 100 Mbps download
NOTE: The Gateway bandwidth requirements are separate from the Node bandwidth requirements.

It’s time to join the xx network! Keep an eye on your inbox for an email with your unique registration code.

Once you have your code, follow the instructions in the node handbook to set up your node and connect to the network.

Resources & Downloads:

Node Handbook
Gateway Tarball.
Node Tarball.

Source Code:

xx network GitLab
xx cMix GitLab

Uptime Policy:

September 2020 Policy
October 2020 Policy
November 2020 Policy
December 2020 Policy
January 2021 Policy
February 2021 Policy
March 2021 Policy
April 2021 Policy
May 2021 Policy
June 2021 Policy
July 2021 Policy
August 2021 Policy
September 2021 Policy

Lost Certificate and Important Files Policy

As of April 27, 2021, the following guidelines and policies are in effect.

The Node and Gateway identities are defined by the certificates, their private keys, and the IDF files. Loss of these files will render your Node and Gateway unable to prove their identity and unable to rejoin the network.
Backup and retention of these files are the sole responsibility of the Node operator.
The xx network team nor anyone else can recover a Node or Gateway if these files are lost.