Overview of the xx Node Community

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Join the first truly decentralized, quantum-secure blockchain network offering breakthrough privacy for transactions and messaging. Node operators for the xx network can currently earn up to 7,000 xx coins a month by joining the xx BetaNet. With 595 onboarded nodes across 40 countries, the xx network is growing worldwide and we’re looking to bring in even more operators ahead of our MainNet launch.

How to Get Involved:


For Community-Driven Selection Each month, another batch of nodes is selected to onboard to the BetaNet. Applications are always open. Learn more about the community-driven process.

Submit an application for community-driven selection.



All selected nodes must commit to joining the xx network and complete the KYC/AML process to receive xx coins.



It’s time to build your node. Check the hardware requirements and get answers to common questions.



Onboard your node with detailed instructions and all the files you need to get running.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I’m a U.S. person or entity?

U.S. Persons are not eligible to participate in the xx coin incentive program for nodes, however, may participate in the network without coin compensation. If you are a U.S. node that applied and were selected, you will receive further instructions via email.


How Can I Review the Latest Node Applications?

Community review and input is an important step in the node selection process. Help select the next generation of xx nodes – see the latest node applications on the forum.


Learn More: Other Resources

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