BetaNet Headed Towards 200-Node Milestone!


xx BetaNet has onboarded 183 nodes in 45 countries organized into 8 distinct geographic bins (set up to hardwire decentralization of the network).

22 billion messages have been processed (22 million blocks of 1,000).

The xx dashboard now provides a “Quick View” to see network performance with a “Nodes” and “Rounds” view for more detail.  You can “toggle on” or “refresh” for realtime information.

As of last week, the network is using a 4k prime; the result is stronger, future-proofed security at a cost of running slightly slower.

Even so, the network is quite fast.  Latency or time to finality is now at about 2.5 seconds.

Next step is more nodes as well as more work on optimizing processing power and network connectivity!