Rolling Onboarding Process for New Nodes: Apply. Commit. Build. Run.

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On July 1st, the xx BetaNet officially launched. The launch is not an end, but a beginning. As the network matures, we will continue to drive growth. To facilitate this, we are starting a rolling onboarding process for potential node runners.

The first Application Step, for the new Orange Team of BetaNet Nodes will be ongoing.  Each successive group of applications received by periodic cutoff dates on the 1st of each month (September, October, November etc.), will move through the process as a group.  If an Orange Team applicant misses a particular cutoff date they will be included in the next month’s group.

Applicants will participate in the same 6-step process as the Blue, White, Teal, and Violet teams and will be able to join the network on the first of the month following their application cutoff date if selected. Read more about the selection process here.

Also, as a reminder, accepted nodes from the Blue, White, Teal and Violet teams who have not yet joined the network, can register at to also join the network on August 1st.  US nodes are a special case.  U.S. nodes that are selected can email [email protected] to receive a contract without coin compensation.

If you are interested in joining the Orange Team, please fill out an application here.