xx labs is comprised of experts from digital currency, cryptography, telecommunications, and more

Executive Team

David Chaum

Founder and CEO

Richard T. Carback III, PhD

Chief Cryptographer

William Carter

Chief Technical Officer

Jim Dolbear

Chief Strategy Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Benjamin Wenger

Chief Engineer


Artemis Aliaj

Client Relations

Mustafa Eshanzada


Sarah Luehrs


Software and Engineering

Baltasar Aroso

Mathieu Bertin

Joshua Brooks

Bernardo Cardoso

Emmanuel Daniels

Sydney Anne Erickson

Jonah Husson

Eduarda Loureiro

Dimas Mendes

Keith Millette

Bruno Muniz

Ahmed Shehata

Jacob Taylor

Jono Wenger

Mário Yaksetig

An encrypted and ultra-private messenger app

The only messaging platform that truly protects your personal data with real-time metadata shredding technology.

A next-gen digital currency

Quantum-secure, low fees, and metadata-protected. What digital currencies were meant to be.

All built on the most secure blockchain network.

The first and only quantum-resistant and privacy-focused blockchain ecosystem.