Testing the xx Protonet

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Preparing for the launch of the xx MainNet

The launch of the xx MainNet is coming up! As a final step, we’re doing a dry run of the MainNet process for 2 months. Using a temporary token, ProtoCoins (PTC), we will be staking nodes, getting “rewards”, and testing governance. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the ProtoNet. 

How to Participate: xx coin Holders

Existing and prospective coin holders will get a chance to try out staking and governance and even earn “rewards” prior to MainNet – more information will be shared on our Discord & Telegram groups.

How to Participate: Current Node Operations

Current BetaNet node operators can apply for team support via the MainNet Transition Program.

How to Participate: New Node Operators

If you’d like to practice running a node by staking your own coins you can apply for one of the limited node openings in ProtoNet. Contact us to get involved.

More Questions?

Join the conversation on Discord and the official forum to help select nodes, connect with xx node runners and get answers from the xx team.