xx coin

A quantum leap in digital currency

A new easy-to-use digital currency enables fast, low-fee payments protected by the strongest quantum cryptography and private communications network available today.

Please note: xx coins are neither available to nor being marketed to US persons at this time.
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About xx coin

xx coin is the high-performance, quantum-secure digital currency that underpins the entire xx network. Not only does xx coin enable private communications and payments, you can also use it to secure xx network in exchange for ongoing rewards or propose and vote on new ecosystem developments.

xx coin and the Future of Privacy

Your financial life and activity should be enriched – not monitored – by technology. xx coin takes us one step closer to this vision by enabling two core privacy-enhancing functions within the xx ecosystem:

Private Communications

xx network’s private communication layer is designed to be freely accessible to anyone with a suitable mobile phone. That’s why all verified xx users will be given a steady amount of free bandwidth for day-to-day communications.

Beyond that, organizations and independent developers who want to deploy and operate dApps and smart contracts on the xx network will pay for additional bandwidth using xx coins. We enable a global community of privacy-minded businesses and builders to spin up private communication capabilities en masse, and xx coin is key to this growth.

Private Transactions

xx network’s novel approach to private payments involves splitting each transfer into multiple individual transactions that are untraceable, indistinguishable from one another, and undecipherable to all external parties – even to xx network’s own internal validators.

Like communicating on xx network, payments can also be free. But private payments made using xx coins accelerate the speed at which they are executed and finalized.

How to Earn xx coins

xx network is designed to encourage multiple forms of collaborative governance and ecosystem participation. There are four main ways to contribute to the xx network and start earning xx coins:

Run an active node

Become an xx network node operator and earn xx coins in exchange for helping secure the network.

Nominate an active node

Stake your xx coins and nominate validators to vote on governance proposals, nominate nodes in the network, and receive rewards.

Provide liquidity

Participate in a liquidity pool during the first year of xx network’s mainnet deployment to receive high-interest rates funded by the xx Foundation.

Grow the xx ecosystem

Contribute to xx network’s codebase or community initiatives and receive funding from xx network’s on-chain treasury.

Why xx coin

Protect your assets and your metadata

Metadata is the who, what, when, where, and how of all your activity online. From messages to transactions to website visits and more, metadata tracks everything you do and is analyzed by corporations and governments all the time.

Quantum computing is developing at a consistent and alarming pace and stands to threaten the security and privacy of many of our online infrastructure, including blockchain.

We believe that your financial life and activity should be enriched, not threatened by technology. Protected by our innovative metadata-shredding technology, no personal information is sent with your transactions. All xx coin wallets are embedded with quantum-secure keys which will protect your assets in the event of a quantum computing breakthrough.

The only digital currency protected from quantum computing attacks

Designed by leading experts in cryptography, blockchain technology, and privacy. Read more in our whitepapers.












How does xx coin work with the xx blockchain network?

xx coin is a secure digital currency that can be traded among users and businesses as a quantum-ready payment mechanism. xx coin is also used to incentivize governance that enforces transparent operation of the network and empowers users to participate in the ecosystem. xx coin is also used to pay for high-volume messaging and for dApp incentivization.

How can I purchase xx coins?

Prior to MainNet, the xx coin has been available to non-U.S. persons in limited public sales. More than 500 coin holders from 55 countries on 5 continents have already participated in a $9.7M initial sale, totalling approximately 3.5% of the overall xx coin supply. Join our Discord and Telegram channels below to stay informed!

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