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Introducing the xx network, the first and only quantum-resistant and privacy-focused blockchain ecosystem. Now offering the ultra-secure messaging application, xx messenger.

A quantum leap in privacy.

Introducing the first and only messenger app that truly protects communication between sender and receiver. All messages are end-to-end encrypted, and no metadata is ever collected. Powered by the xx network.

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Built on the xx network

Start using the blockchain of the future – the only Layer One protocol protected against quantum computing attacks.

Powered by xx coin

A new easy-to-use digital currency. Designed to be the most secure and usable digital currency available today.

Inventor of the first-ever digital cash system (Digicash), David Chaum is the founder and CEO of xx labs, the creators of the xx network. He is supported by a world-class team of experts and engineers who are building the future of communication.

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The xx coin represents your voice in the network. It’s used to vote, exchange value, and incentivize you to run a server or node, and it gives uncensorable access to the most private decentralized communications network in the world.

Nodes Worldwide: 344


xx messenger keeps all user activity private. No tracking. No profiling. No surveillance. With end to end encryption, of course.

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