What are the xx network, Elixxir, and Praxxis? 

The xx network combines technology developed by Elixxir and Praxxis into the first online platform that allows you to communicate and exchange value without revealing information about your activity to organizations that would collect and sell your data. While many of today’s communications platforms are encrypted, they don’t protect metadata. 

Metadata is data about data, like who sent a message, who received it, where it was sent from, and what time it was sent. When metadata is collected and analyzed, it can reveal a lot about consumer behavior, and can be manipulated by tech companies and governments. The xx network changes this by offering secure, encrypted communications and payments that fully obscure metadata to offer the first truly private, anonymous, scalable and fast platform that allows you to transact with friends, family, and service providers without the fear of being spied upon. The xx network integrates technology from two projects and teams: Elixxir and Praxxis, both led by Dr. Chaum. 


Elixxir technology protects privacy by combining end-to-end encryption with a revolutionary metadata shredding mix network, called cMix, which obscures metadata for messaging and payments. With Elixxir, both messages and payments are mixed together, shredding all metadata and preventing third parties from seeing that a message or payment was ever sent.

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Praxxis has developed a next-generation, quantum secure blockchain which uses a unique consensus mechanism called xxBFT, or xx consensus. After transactions are mixed through Elixxir, payments are passed to the independently owned nodes running the xx consensus protocol to be confirmed and added to the blockchain. xx network is the only quantum secure blockchain solution that can combine the speed, scalability, and security properties needed for blockchain technology to achieve mass adoption.