What is xx network? 

xx network combines the quantum secure, high performance digital currency and consensus protocol of xx consensus with the privacy-protecting, high speed mix technology of xx cMix.  The result is the first efficient online platform that allows you to quickly and securely communicate and exchange value on your smartphone without revealing your metadata. While many messaging platforms are encrypted, no others hide metadata -- information about your activity -- from organizations that collect and sell data.  xx does.

xx consensus

xx consensus has developed a next-generation, quantum secure blockchain which hosts the xx coin digital currency using a unique consensus protocol. After transactions are mixed through xx cMix, payments are passed to the decentralized xx nodes running the xx consensus protocol to be confirmed and added to the blockchain.  xx network is the only quantum secure, meta data shredding blockchain solution that can combine the speed, scalability, and security properties needed for blockchain technology to achieve mass adoption.

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xx cMix 

xx cMix technology protects privacy by combining end-to-end encryption with cMix, a revolutionary metadata shredding technology which obscures metadata for messaging and payments and data transfer. With xx cMix, all transactions are mixed together in batches or “anonymity sets” and processed together, thereby shredding all metadata and preventing third parties from analyzing activity patterns and connecting senders to receivers.

Metadata is data about data, like who sent a message or payment, who received it, where it was sent from, and what time it was sent. When metadata is collected and analyzed and exploited by tech companies and governments, it reveals a lot about consumer behavior. xx network fully obscures metadata offering secure, encrypted communications and payments on the first truly private, anonymous, scalable and fast platform.  With xx, you can transact with friends, family, and service providers without the fear of being spied upon.

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By combining end-to-end encryption with cMix metadata shredding technology, xx offers unprecedented anonymity between and among parties who use the network.  The xx quantum secure blockchain protects all information and data from manipulation and tracking.  Finally, xx network performance can support consumer volume dApps that require high speed and secure transaction support.

The “flagship” xx messenger dApp allows users to communicate without revealing their contact database or their messaging activity (or content).  At MainNet, high speed xx coin payment functionality will be added.  As the first high performance crypto currency -- easy-to-use, and offering the true cash privacy -- xx coin will be uniquely capable of supporting decentralized, democratic life.

There are several key additional dApps in development that exploit the strengths of xx network (speed to finality, volume, anonymity).  Areas of focus are decentralized fact-checking/content curation, the DeFi market and a better smart contract.

Where is xx network based and who developed it? 

The xx network team and company (xx labs SEZC) is based and headquartered in George Town, Cayman Islands. xx network uses the xx coin digital currency and consensus technology developed in Cayman and the xx cMix privacy layer developed in Los Angeles.  

Both projects are led by Dr. David Chaum.  Chaum is one of the earliest blockchain researchers and a world-renowned cryptographer and privacy advocate. xx network was founded by Chaum and is led by William Carter, a computer scientist and systems design expert.  The xx cMix team is led by Benjamin Wenger. The xx network teams are made up of cryptographers, developers, and marketers all working together to create the most powerful blockchain network for communicating and sharing value anywhere in the world.                                                                                                                            

Who is David Chaum? 

David Chaum is one of the earliest blockchain researchers and a world-renowned cryptographer and privacy advocate.  Chaum first proposed a solution for protecting metadata with mix-cascade networks in 1979. In 1982, his dissertation at the University of California, Berkeley became the first known proposal of a blockchain protocol. Dr. Chaum went on to develop eCash, the first digital currency, and has also made numerous contributions to secure voting technology. Today, Chaum leads the xx network, which combines his decades of research and contributions in the field of cryptography and privacy to deliver state-of-the-art blockchain solutions. To learn more about Dr. Chaum, visit www.chaum.com

What are Elixxir and Praxxis?

Elixxir was the original project name for xx cMix and Praxxis was the original project name for xx consensus. The projects were originally developed in stealth and were merged to form the xx network.

When is xx MainNet? 

MainNet is planned for summer 2021 along with the public release of xx messenger.  In addition to the messenger, early release of other initial xx dApps is planned.

As part of the xx BetaNet implementation the network has grown to over 450 nodes with 100B mix packets processed as of mid-May.  The comms layer of the network is being optimized across nodes which are segregated into 8 separate geographic bins (Western Europe, Middle East, Central Europe, Africa, Russia, Asia, Americas and Eastern Europe).

A 4k prime has been introduced to deliver endgame security.  Team size still needs to be increased from 3 nodes to 5 nodes.  Latency for messaging transactions is expected to be ultimately under 3 seconds.  Speed to finality for payment and value transactions running through cMix is expected to be under 10 seconds.  Throughput for messaging should scale to tens of thousands of messages per second as the network grows while global value transfer transaction volume should be in the thousands of  transactions per second (and could go to 10,000 tps with gigabit network connections). 

You can check out the realtime xx BetaNet dashboard here.

xx consensus protocol and digital currency, which has been running in Alpha, was demonstrated during the December 2020 xx Integration TestNet.  TestNet performance was documented on the TestNet dashboard for public review.

As additional historical background, the xx AlphaNet launched in Fall 2019 followed with BetaNet nodes launching in July 2020.  The public selection process for nodes began in Winter 2019 and has continued as part of a monthly, rolling process.  Nodes are now located in almost 50 countries organized into 8 separate geographic bins.

What problems does xx network address? 

The aim of crypto currencies (and blockchain more generally) is to decentralize ownership and power so that coinholders, nodes and users have control as opposed to entrenched, centralized entities.  The blockchain movement, to a large extent, is a populist reaction to a global history rife with exploitation of centralized control by small groups serving their own self interest.

Critical to the blockchain vision, is that network infrastructure be provided by a group of heterogeneous, decentralized computers managed by consensus so that no self-interested party can create unauthorized value (by “printing money”, double spending existing money, stealing money etc.)

In the modern tech world, the introduction of the high speed, global internet has enabled email, social media, and mobile applications transforming the way we communicate and exchange value. But the mainstream companies that have become dominant during this transformation have proven unwilling or unable to protect user privacy, and instead they have opted for maximizing profits based on advertising.

Even with encrypted applications, centralized companies have collected metadata to track and monetize consumer behavior.  Information including sender, recipient, and time stamp for various activities are regularly collected with governments and organizations using this data to manipulate us and ultimately to threaten our freedom.

xx network is implementing blockchain technology and encryption which obscures metadata to offer a truly private, decentralized messaging and payment platform. This means that with xx network technology, there is no way for any third party -- including governments or tech companies or even the network itself -- to see  information about the sender or recipient(s) of communications or payments. Plus, xx network will operate seamlessly so that users can send messages and payments just as quickly as they can with any traditional network.

Why Blockchain? Why is this better than Venmo, Facebook, Paypal, WhatsApp, etc.?

Despite its promise, blockchain remains a mysterious technology to many people. Blockchain is about removing the incentive and ability of self-interested organizations to mismanage platform users and their data. With blockchain, decentralization using incentivized governance mechanisms put users and other stakeholders in control of the development and operation of the platform. 

In xx network, users are paid to make important decisions about the platform and to run the servers and infrastructure themselves. The effect is that you are in control of your data and how it’s used through unbreakable cryptography and social governance rather than demonstrably ineffective regulations, privacy policies, and terms of use. Existing social media and payment platforms have built their businesses on the monetization of your data leading to election manipulation and the selling and leaking of personal data that we see regularly in news headlines. The xx network takes away the incentive and ability for centralized organizations to abuse your data.

How is xx network better than other blockchains? 

Since the early days of Bitcoin, many projects have attempted to develop decentralized platforms capable of providing global-scale payments systems.

However, these networks have been burdened by large fees, slow payment confirmation times, high energy consumption, and outdated cryptography. This has slowed user adoption and prevented decentralized networks from presenting a viable alternative to centralization.

xx network is the first blockchain capable of simultaneously achieving decentralization, speed, privacy, all with quantum-secure technology. Rather than using PoS or PoW, xx network uses a novel quantum resistant consensus protocol to achieve maximum performance, while xx cMix integrates metadata shredding to ensure privacy goes beyond encryption.

To learn more, reference the xx consensus whitepaper and the xx cMix whitepaper

How can I find more information and get involved? 

Connect with the community on YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook,  and read the xx network whitepaper, xx consensus whitepaper and xx cMix whitepaper. You can join our email list here.

You can also apply to run a node as part of the BetaNet.

Using xx (and xx messenger)

As a user

It's shocking to learn how much personal information apps and websites collect and how easily that information can be monetized and used to track our decisions and behavior. xx network introduces a new generation of decentralized technology.  xx network puts you back in control of your information with seamless, easy-to-use apps. 

xx messenger will let you privately communicate and exchange money with your friends, family, and associates while using the most secure cryptography in the world. In time, we believe you should be able to do everything you currently do online without compromising your identity and activity.

As a developer or company

Privacy and security, delivered by decentralized technology, have proven to be the battleground of the future.

xxDK is available to enable existing applications to interface with xx network to send communications with complete identity protection through xx cMix. At MainNet, we will integrate transfer of value.

What is xx messenger?

xx messenger supports messaging that's actually private. Existing privacy messengers encrypt your messages, but they reveal who you are talking to and when you’re talking. Open source xx cMix technology breaks the link between sender and receiver, fully eliminating your digital footprint. And messages stay end-to-end encrypted.

Your life should be yours. Coming Summer 2021.

To learn more, watch this short explainer video

How do I download xx messenger? 

xx messenger alpha testing ended with over 2400 users. The updated xx messenger is coming back in Summer 2021. To get updates, join the email list here.

Is xx network free to use? 

xx messenger is free for consumers. Those running decentralized applications, smart contracts, and businesses on xx network will be able to use xx coins to purchase higher bandwidth. 

xx coin

What is xx coin? 

xx coin is a secure digital currency that can be traded among users and businesses while incentivizing operations on the xx network. xx coin is used to incentivize governance that enforces transparent operation of the network and empowers users to participate in the ecosystem. xx coin is also used to pay for high volume usage, effect payments and for dApp incentivization. 

How can I purchase xx coins? 

Prior to MainNet, the xx coin has been available to non-U.S. persons in limited public sales. To learn more, please visit https://xx-coin.io/

How many xx coins will there be and how will the xx coin be distributed?

The xx genesis block includes one billion xx coins. Initial distribution of xx coins will be via an ERC-1404 smart contract which will be converted to native xx coins at MainNet. Denominated xx coins emulate physical money with pre-set values, in base-two, that is, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc., and can only be spent once because of the type of signature used. This is the most private way to send money on the network. xx network also will support wallets so that users can send and receive payments repeatedly without creating a new public address and multisig wallets for transactions that require at least two parties to sign off will also be supported.

How will xx coins be allocated and distributed? 

Please visit https://xx-coin.io/ for tokenomics and distribution information.

How does the xx network generate revenue? 

This will be addressed in the xx economics paper, coming soon.

xx nodes

What are xx nodes and how do they work on the xx network? 

xx nodes are servers that collectively operate the xx network. xx nodes must be reliable and high-performing to achieve the necessary capability and scalability to serve a global user base and replace centralized systems. xx network promotes an egalitarian approach, where any independent individual or organization is welcome to apply to the xx network to become a node. 

How are nodes selected?

To learn more about node selection, check out the nodes page. xx nodes, which will ultimately number in the thousands, will be selected through a governance process.

Decentralized Governance

How does governance work on the xx network? 

xx network is planned to be completely decentralized, meaning there will be no central authority managing the xx network and resolving disputes. xx network will require governance to achieve collective agreement on code, core data updates and adding or removing nodes. Governance within the xx network is planned to use sample voting. 

What is sample voting?

With sample voting, a subset of voters can investigate and cast a vote on a given topic. As a result, selected voters can be incentivized with fixed or lottery-based rewards without any linking of compensation to votes. This governance process ensures fairness and transparency within the xx network, and technical measures are in place to prevent bad actors from infiltrating the governance process and sample voting system. Learn more at rsvoting.org.