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The Mythical 1U BetaNode

We've built a 1U node in the lab. Here's the walkthrough on how to do it.

Keith Millette

May 22, 2020

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The Mythical 1U BetaNode

By Keith Millette

May 22, 2020

We've built a 1U node in the lab. Here's the walkthrough on how to do it.

Missed Node Applications? It's Not Too Late to Run a BetaNode!

By xx Team

May 21, 2020

Node applications are re-opening due to popular demand! Fill out your app today.

xx network Code First Public Debut

By xx Team

May 19, 2020

All xx BetaNet source code will be available to the public by the launch of the BetaNet on July 1st.

USA Nodes and the xx network BetaNet

By xx Team

May 15, 2020

Changes to compensation of US nodes in the BetaNet

So, what is a Gateway?

By Benjamin Wenger

May 12, 2020

One critical point of confusion about the xx network’s BetaNet Hardware Requirements has been about gateways.  Hopefully we can answer a few of your questions.

Bandwidth Testing in NodeLab

By Keith Millette

May 8, 2020

Keith explains why BetaNet needs the bandwidth it does, and provides real world numbers for its performance.

Revised BetaNet Node Hardware Requirements

By BetaNet Node Team

May 4, 2020

Through the stellar feedback from the xx community, we have revised and enhanced the BetaNode specifications to ensure as many possible people can participate.

Node Operators Commit to xx BetaNet

By xx team

May 1, 2020

xx network uses consumer hardware, nodes to be rewarded with xx coins

Illustrations of gears and node components overlaid on an image of people at computers
BetaNet Node Final Hardware Requirements are here!

By BetaNet Node Team

April 29, 2020

After extensive testing in the NodeLab, the BetaNet node and gateway specifications have been fine tuned.

Illustration of 3 xx coins fading out from right to left
xx network sells $9.7M in xx coins

By xx Team

April 22, 2020

Initial sale of David Chaum’s new cryptocurrency is complete

Thank you for making AlphaNet such a success! See you at BetaNet!

By xx Team

April 20, 2020

Over 2400 testers helped make the xx AlphaNet testing successful. Thanks from the xx Team and stay tuned for BetaNet this summer!

The Road to BetaNet

By BetaNet Node Team

April 16, 2020

Here are the next steps for BetaNet nodes, starting May 1st.

Goodbye Alpha… Hello Beta!

By Kate Victoria

April 14, 2020

As BetaNet nears, the AlphaNet chapter is coming to a close. Here’s what you need to know.

Unified Polling: Testing BetaNet on AlphaNet

By Benjamin Wenger

April 3, 2020

Unified polling will soon be deployed for testing to the live AlphaNet. Chief Engineer Ben Wenger explains the project and lays out next steps for BetaNet.

How We Build Test Nodes

By Keith Millette

April 1, 2020

Node Engineer Keith Millette dives into the details of node configuration in the lab.

Back-end Briefs: What goes on at Elixxir?

By xx network team

March 30, 2020

Engineer Josh Brooks walks us through how the back-end team works together to deliver the privacy-protecting communications layer of the xx network.

What is the xx network?

By xx Team

March 27, 2020

High Performing. Quantum Secure. Privacy protecting. Take a quick look at the xx network.

Welcome to the Node Lab!

By Keith Millette

March 25, 2020

Keith Millette, Node Engineer, gives an inside look into the xx network Node Lab.

xx network Codebase Overview

By Ben Wenger

March 24, 2020

This overview breaks down the architecture of the public alpha codebase, with over 76,000 lines of code composed of Core, Services and Client libraries and implementations for users and for nodes to run services.

Update From David Chaum on the xx network Coin Sale

By David Chaum

March 23, 2020

The entire xx network team is looking forward to amping up our engagement with the community as we take this world-changing technology to its full potential.